C: The Moody Guy

C: The Moody Guy

C is a navy blue male and is quite close to B and 1. I think C and 1 are so close because they are similar in color (1 is usually black but sometimes an extremely dark shade of navy). I also associate both of them with the first grade (more on that later on!)

C can be immature and sometimes struggles to control his emotions. He’s not bipolar or anything though w(°o°)w.


B: Just a Guy

B: Just a Guy

B is one of the least interesting letters. Unfortunately there is not much to say about this guy. o(´^`)o

B is a chocolate brown color, sometimes almost black. A, B, and C are all close friends (coincidentally). He and C have an especially tight bromance. Between the two, B is a lot calmer than C, (you’ll see his profile soon!)

A: The Well Rounded Friend

Letter A

Think of A as the main character of a television show, like how the Red Ranger is always plays the lead role. She’s bright red and very well liked by almost all other letters. A is neither too feminine, nor too masculine and keeps close to her two guy friends, B & C. She its the go-to buddy when in need of advice or to just hang out. As for her age, I’m not so sure–definitely not a child, but not a full grown adult either. A is not the only one who’s age is ambiguous though.  A‘s color matches the number 4 exactly, and I sometimes register one for the other in my mind. I rarely make the mistake when typing or writing though.

Because A is so bright, I find it even more euphoric to see A‘s on my school assignments. (Not a trippy euphoria, but an added comfort feeling to making a perfect grade ). I kinda feel like A is such a leader because she is literally the first letter of the alphabet. I wish she sounded a little more exciting but all I got!

OLP Profiles Comin’ Your Way! ヽ(^o^)丿

OLP Profiles Comin' Your Way! ヽ(^o^)丿

Ordinal linguistic personification is a phenomenon in which an individual associates personalities with ordered sequences such as the alphabet or days of the week. As with all types of syn, these associations from person to person and are consistent throughout their lives.

For instance, someone may think of Fridays as an indigo & yellow male in his early 20s who desn’t get along with Wednesday.

Throughout this blog I will be posting profiles of letters and number from my point of view. I will also include descriptions of how I view days of the week and months of the year, although those are less clear. I’ll try to be as detailed as possible!
*I just realized how many posts now lie ahead of me _| ̄|○

Image courtesy of synesthesiatest.org

Strangeness: Color-Grapheme Syn and Language

Strangeness: Color-Grapheme Syn and Language

When I was in middle school, I tried to teach myself Japanese. At the time there were nor foreign language classes available, and after a few years of Spanish in elementary school I was ready to move on to another language. As I kid I loved listening to people speak other languages, I didn’t care if I could understand a word. It sounded beautiful.

Since I was into a few Japanese artists and anime, I figured I might as well try to learn a lil of what they were saying. I learned hiragana (used for sentence structure and in place of kanji), most of the katakana (used to distinguish foreign pronunciations), and a good 30 kanji (the complicated lookin’ chracters). High school later precedence over this side-hobby…..

Long story short I eventually stopped actively learning Japanese, but the writing fortunately stuck with me! In fact, I quickly realized that the characters I learned have colors corresponding to the sound! The hiragana character “A” (pronounced “ah” as an “fall”) is red, just like the English letter A. I can recognize characters based on their color. This is probably because of the corresponding English spelling of the characters I learned, but I’m not sure…

I will post more about these characters later!

Synesthesia: A film by Jonathan Fowler

Here’s a short documentary about a group of people’s synesthetic experiences. It explains the phenomenon really clearly.

At 3:30 someone explains the subtleties of their color grapheme, and when I first saw this I was uber excited. For her, 1 is yellow, and 4 is more golden, which is the exact same for the way I see 2 (golden) and 8 (yellow). Getting giddy over something like that is pretty lame, I know, but I like to be able to relate to other synesthetes and think, “Oh, we both have golden letters. That’s so cool!” It’s a lil rare for me to hear someone with the exact same associations.

My Name!

My Name!

Here’s what my name would look like if my associations appeared on paper. Once again, this is definitely not an attractive set of colors. It actually looks less impressive with the colors defined like this…. And I just realized the N is a little too dark (ーー゛).

P.S. The O is actually white. I will talk about him later. O, Q, and P are strange cases…

Some Letters Outshine Others….

Some Letters Outshine Others....

The colors I associate letters and numbers with are mostly dull, earthy hues. L for example is a similar color to a dark brown manila folder. Not pretty at all. Darker colors are also difficult to recreate on a computer and it always bothers me how I can’t get it right! (・へ・) However, certain letters really caught my eye as a child, and I would be infatuated with how bright they were. S, E and A are prime examples.

As you can see in the image, they stand out a lot. They’re almost neon compared to others and the exact same colors as 2, 5  and 4 (in that order). I think I feel a special attachment to them as a result, but I can’t explain it. (?_?)