Who is taylorjbeans?

Have you ever wondered why certain letters of the alphabet just don’t get along? Or gushed over your two favorite colored numbers being paired together? I do, all the time actually. As a child I thought everyone else saw the same things. I remember sitting my older sister down at the age of 7 and explaining how the numbers of my grade levels had a color: first grade was black, grade two was a golden-yellow, grade three was navy blue, fourth grade would be red, and so on. My excitement was quickly replaced with utter shock when I found that she did not feel the same way! Everything was black and white for her, not even a hint of rusty pink or lime green… Was I crazy??

No, I am no crazy (:P). I have synesthesia, a neurological phenomenon in which one or more of the five senses become crossed.  More specifically, I have color-grapheme and ordinal linguistic personification; I associate graphemes and other ordered sequences with colors and personalities. For quite some time I was worried that I was alone in my colorful world, but that is far from the case. There are plenty of people who taste sounds, see auras, personify letters and more. I’ve even been told that my name tastes like Junior Mints!

I’m student at Rhodes College (a very smexy school might I add), and currently pursuing a major in studio art. I want to share how I view the world!



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