Where Am I? Pink or Yellow?

Where Am I? Pink or Yellow?

Sometimes I have trouble figuring out my lefts and rights. Everyone’s slipped up at least once, right? When I imagine word/concept in my mind’s eye, their positions become inverted :\ I try not to actually do what my mind’s eye is showing me, but it feels so natural that it’s difficult not to go with that instinct. I even trip up in other languages!

In my Chinese class we were learning how to ask and give directions. I tried to use my syn powers to make studying easy. [Side note, y’all: I already have a terrible sense of direction. I found myself relying heavily on my color-grapheme to match the pinyin (English spelling) to the characters. Maybe it was out of fear of *PUN ALERT* “getting lost” in class.]

Anyway, the characters for “left” &”right” are 左zuǒ & 右yòu. When I first saw the characters I literally thought, “Dang, these jokers look the same!” Fortunately, the colors of Z & Y are (faintly) similar colors to L & R. UNfortunately, I found myself incorrectly positioning the Chinese characters in my mind’s eye and as a result, repeatedly making mistakes on my homework assignments! Made some pretty sucky grades on that lesson, but got an A- in the class overall!


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