Sketchbook Entry #1: The “Pretty” Ones

Friday I was compelled to finally draw something syn-related after staring a my blank sketchbook page for a coupla minutes. I started with 5 in the center – I just felt a little partial to him at the time. Then I thought, “I should put all the matching colors and letters together. Yeah, that’d be pretty.” I even got to add their genders!

I used water color and kinda let the paint lightly bleed into the paper. (It’s a surprisingly fun medium to work with!) Not totally satisfied with the outcome though… Overall I find it very refreshing to finally see all my pretty letters & numbers bundled together. The rest are kinda ugly and even more difficult to get the color right. L, F, & G in particular are difficult to determine, often ranging from manila-folder-brown, black, or dirt-brown color for some reason.

*Just realized I forgot good ol’ Z. He is golden yellow just like 8. Might add him later. 9 is fairly prominent (she is an orange-y color like P & H), but I don’t want to bother with her. She’s not very nice and probably wouldn’t be grateful anyway.


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