Sound/Smell Synesthesia? Or a Case of the Crazies?

Sound/Smell Synesthesia? Or a Case of the Crazies?

I always hear other synesthetes say that over time they discover new variations of syn they possess. For a while I found it really odd to discover that (for example) associating colors with sound is a thing and several months later realize that you have spatial-time syn. I figured that once you read up on the different types & descriptions, all would be clear…all at once ¯\(°_o)/¯

I have been in denial about having other variations besides color-grapheme and OLP. I just couldn’t relate to other synnies’ descriptions of spectacular purple explosions of A minor or tasting burnt rubber when the teacher calls Robert Miller’s name. It all seemed so wild and foreign to me. Surely I would have noticed long ago if Angela smelled like baked apples, right? WRONG.

I think I have sound/sight-smell synesthesia… The only problem is that I don’t know what exactly triggers the sensations. I simply breathe in and *whoosh* suddenly smell — sometimes taste– sugar cookies, buttery biscuits, Twizzlers, pizza, or even woody pine scents. These are very delicious moments might I add. It’s very random and doesn’t happen again, even if I am watching a video and rewind back to the moment the sensation occurred; not even when I’m hungry.

So either I’m screwed up in the head and my mind isn’t on the same page as my stomach, or it’s synesthesia. What do you think?


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