A “Case of the Mondays?” Monday is Actually Nice Once You Get to Know Her…

C’mon, guys! Monday isn’t so bad. I hate going to school one Mondays myself, but at least I’ve gotten to know the poor girl before I decided I hated her.

Yes, Monday is a girl. Normally, the word “Monday” would look like the first typography– each letter has a unique color. Sometimes when a word contains a letter that is brightly colored (like M, D, or A for instance), the dominant color seems to represent the entire word more than the dull colors.

I hope that made sense… \(。ヘ°)/

Anyway, since M is a deep purple color, it dominates the word. White tags along too and puts “holes” in the word. For some reason, Monday as a whole “feels” like a lavender-white-pink color. But I could easily tell you what color each letter actually is. That’s just the way Monday is!

As for personality, Monday is quite pleasant and optimistic. Her maturity level indicates that she is not young, but not too old. As a concrete reference point, I would associate her with a Mother Nature, sitting on a hilly field surrounded by lavender colored plants.


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