A: The Well Rounded Friend

Letter A

Think of A as the main character of a television show, like how the Red Ranger is always plays the lead role. She’s bright red and very well liked by almost all other letters. A is neither too feminine, nor too masculine and keeps close to her two guy friends, B & C. She its the go-to buddy when in need of advice or to just hang out. As for her age, I’m not so sure–definitely not a child, but not a full grown adult either. A is not the only one who’s age is ambiguous though.  A‘s color matches the number 4 exactly, and I sometimes register one for the other in my mind. I rarely make the mistake when typing or writing though.

Because A is so bright, I find it even more euphoric to see A‘s on my school assignments. (Not a trippy euphoria, but an added comfort feeling to making a perfect grade ). I kinda feel like A is such a leader because she is literally the first letter of the alphabet. I wish she sounded a little more exciting but all I got!


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