Strangeness: Color-Grapheme Syn and Language

Strangeness: Color-Grapheme Syn and Language

When I was in middle school, I tried to teach myself Japanese. At the time there were nor foreign language classes available, and after a few years of Spanish in elementary school I was ready to move on to another language. As I kid I loved listening to people speak other languages, I didn’t care if I could understand a word. It sounded beautiful.

Since I was into a few Japanese artists and anime, I figured I might as well try to learn a lil of what they were saying. I learned hiragana (used for sentence structure and in place of kanji), most of the katakana (used to distinguish foreign pronunciations), and a good 30 kanji (the complicated lookin’ chracters). High school later precedence over this side-hobby…..

Long story short I eventually stopped actively learning Japanese, but the writing fortunately stuck with me! In fact, I quickly realized that the characters I learned have colors corresponding to the sound! The hiragana character “A” (pronounced “ah” as an “fall”) is red, just like the English letter A. I can recognize characters based on their color. This is probably because of the corresponding English spelling of the characters I learned, but I’m not sure…

I will post more about these characters later!


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